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Using Robots in Media

John Keogh | August 31, 2014

People from different industries often find each other's occupations boring or incomprehensible, or both. Oddly, I spoke about robots a while ago with a person who is involved in making reality television programming and we had a great discussion about what would happen if autonomous or remotely controlled robots were included in the programming (remote as in controlled by a randomly selected watcher). It was interesting to have a conversation, which was at time fairly technical, in which I and a person from a non-technical background could both get excited about the same concept.

Reality Shows

Another interesting usage would be reality shows, where not only would the robots permit gathering video in a less obtrusive way than using cameramen and be more flexible then video cameras, one could also permit remote users, including selected audience members, to control the robots remotely.


Ppeople who participate in the business of professional sports, as well as those who follow them, want to have as much information as possible about each event. Imagine a boxer's gloves that were instrumented to return the force of a hit or a ball that had a very small, rugged, camera so that you could witness it in flight. The ability to gather more information could permit better forecasting of outcomes of games, better understanding of how injuries occurs, and more points of view for sports broadcasting.


The addition of addition sensors, video points of view and automated processing of information would permit better refereeing with less chance of referees affecting the play of the game.

Creating Content

Another possibility that automated acquisition permits is generating and publishing content without the intervention of people. This permits not only creating more content, but it creates the possibility of A/B testing and creating custom channel for small audiences.

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